Winter weather policy

In the event of inclement weather, the CDC weather committee, consisting of CDC Board Members, including Parent representatives, will determine if we will delay opening until 9:00a.m. or if we should close for the day.

Every effort will be made to make the decision the night before so that it can be posted on the news.  If the threat of inclement weather will be for overnight-every effort will be made to reach a decision by 6:00a.m.  So, in the event we need to delay our opening or close, we will post a notice first on our website as a banner scrolling across the top, then send out an text message through our Remind App then post on the following News stations, Channel 2, 6 & 8 under the heading “Growing Kidz Preschool”. Be sure you are enrolled on the REMIND App.

If you do not see this notice posted on the local stations, you can assume that we will work our normal operating hours.   Please notice if we say “delay” or “closed“.

We try our best to not have to close, however, we want our teachers and families to have a safe trip to and from school.  If we should close the CDC early due to inclement weather you will receive a phone call, text and an e-mail from school.  In order to be able to contact you for closing, please keep your child’s emergency cards up to date with current phone numbers and e-mail addresses and be sure to sign up on the Remind App.

Outside Policy for Cold Weather

The children will go outside everyday depending on weather.  We will determine if the children should go outside on a day to day basis based on the conditions that day such as the temperature, the wind chill factor, etc.  Some days the children may only go out for a short period of time to run off their energy.  There may be times that the children go outside to play in the snow as well.  Please send your child with a coat, hat and gloves each day so that they will be prepared for the outside weather.  We also ask that you send extra clothes to school in case there would be a need to change them due to accidents, spills, etc.

Hot Weather Policy

The children have two outside times each day.  The classes will go out every morning (weather permitting) because it is cooler.  But in the afternoons when the heat index gets too high, the children will only be taken outside for a very short period of time.

If the heat is unbearable, the classes will go to the indoor Motor Room in the afternoons instead.  The children will be given plenty of water, and sunscreen will be applied before outside time.  Parents may send water bottles to school each day for the children to take outside.  Make sure your child’s name is on the water bottle.