medication policy

Medication will not be given to any child without a Medication Authorization Card that has been filled out and signed by the parent.

The following procedure must be followed before medication will be administered.

  • Medication must be in the original container.  Each container must have the child’s name, the name and strength of the medication, expiration date, dosage, and directions for administration.  In addition, prescription medication muct have the prescription label with the name of the licensed physician or dentist, the date, name, address and phone number of the pharmacy.
  • Over the counter medications must be appropriate for the age and weight of the child.  Any medication not indicated as appropriate for the child’s age or weight must be accompanied by written orders from the child’s physician
  • Medications containing Aspirin will only be administered with written instructions from the child’s physician.
  • All new medication or changes in dosage must be accompanied by written authorization from child’s legal custodian or person responsible for child’s care.  Medication authorization cards are available in your child’s classroom.
  • Only a ONE (1) WEEK supply of medication may be brought to the class.  Requests for exemption will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Please ask your pharmacist for a “school bottle” so you will have the appropriate information at home.  It is also helpful for us to have a second bottle, properly labeled, to send with your child on field trips if applicable.