About Growing Kidz Child Development Center


History & purpose

The Child Development Center ("CDC"), an OK DHS Three-Star, NAEYC Nationally Accredited program, opened its doors September 8, 1987, with the primary purpose of providing quality childcare to those families living and working in the downtown Tulsa and surrounding areas. The CDC provides full time care to children ranging from infants to full day Pre-Kindergarten. The CDC is dedicated to providing a wholesome atmosphere to meet the needs for emotional, physical, and  mental development for all children.


Our teaching staff is headed by Melinda R. Burkhardt, who holds a Masters of Science degree in Child Development and a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education.  Several teachers hold Bachelor’s Degrees in Child Development or related fields, while others have CDA degrees or one or more years of college education.  Our faculty is highly experienced in Early Childhood Education and they regularly participate in continuing education workshops.  Staff to child ratios are lower than the Oklahoma mandated levels to ensure the highest quality early childhood education.  Low staff turnover and high morale are important to us.  Our teachers are warm and caring, the kind of people you want to teach and care for your child.


Each child learns throughout the day.  Accordingly, our curriculum is the total of the child’s daily schedule and experiences.  Our teachers develop their class schedules and lesson plans on the interests, needs, and abilities of the children.  Our environments are equipped to encourage hands on learning.  Activities are balanced between active and quiet play, indoors and outdoors in our secure playground area and indoor motor room.  Child initiated and directed play activities are enhanced by “coaching” assistance from our teachers.  Some time is allowed for larger, teacher-directed groups, such as music, stories, and games.  Staff members focus on listening and talking with the children, making dialogue a major component.  Limited media is used creatively to enliven the child’s learning.


A hot lunch and two daily snacks are provided as a part of the monthly tuition once your child is of an age to eat solid foods.  Menus are posted weekly and are located in each classroom, as well as our website.  Lunches are prepared in our on site commercial kitchen by our full time chef.  They are prepared following the nutritional guidelines of the USDA and include a variety of healthy, “kid-friendly” choices.  Meals are served family style in the classrooms.  All foods are baked and are never fried.


Our full day Pre- Kindergarten introduces children in a formal way to language, math, science, social studies, creative art, and physical, education.  Group times are held in a way that develops idea sharing and critical thinking skills.  Emphasis is placed on problem solving skills and love of learning.  Our program is not a scaled down first grade, but a developmentally appropriate program for this age.  Our teacher holds her Bachelors of Education and is certified to teach in Oklahoma.  Progress report cards are sent home quarterly.


Our school operates on a Full Time basis five days per week, from 7:15 am – 5:30 pm.  Admission is based on space available.

An Enrollment Agreement is signed upon admittance stating that patrons agree to pay the monthly tuition until a written 30-day withdrawal notice is given when care is no longer needed.

Due to limited class sizes, a waiting list is maintained for full classes.  A $25.00 processing fee is required to place your name on a classroom waiting list when a space is not available.  Persons can only be placed on the waiting list after taking a tour of the facility.  Tours are given by appointment only. The $25.00 fee does not guarantee a space, however, it does guarantee we will keep your name on our waiting list until a space becomes available.  Once a space becomes available for your child, a one time non-refundable Registration fee of $100.00 is due at the time of enrollment.  A non-refundable Enrollment Fee of 1/2 a month’s tuition is also due at the time of enrollment and an agreed upon start date.  The 1/2 month’s tuition will be applied to the first month once your child begins in the classroom.  All enrollment/registration fees are non-refundable if enrollment is canceled or a start date is delayed.

Tuition fees vary depending on the class your child is enrolled.  Tuition rates are based on a yearly figure and divided into 12 monthly payments.  At least half of the monthly tuition is due on the 1st of each month and the second half is due by the 15th.  Since staffing and other services are based on scheduled enrollments, no refunds can be given for unused days or family/school vacations.  Girls and boys of any race, color, national or ethnic origin may be enrolled.  The CDC does not discriminate in the administration of any of its policies and procedures.

infant center

As with parents at home, our beginning with babies starts with bonding, the process of establishing basic trust between the “educarer” and the infant.  This bonding can be seen in the way children are closely held while fed, diapered, rocked, nuzzled, and tucked in for naps.  As they grow, infants begin their quest for independence which is fostered as much as safely possible by the teachers and environment.  We allow the time needed for practice in crawling, walking, and climbing.  Children in these classes also experience creative art and sensory activities.  The curriculum focuses on fostering and facilitating their developing social skills, emerging language skills, and self help skills.  Care reports are sent home daily to apprise you of your child’s day.

Early childhood

In this area, lesson plan selections include listening and talking (group time), physical development, creative expression activities (art and dramatic play), blocks, and activities from the world around us (science, sensory, math, and cooking).  Language comprehension and usage, coupled with the understanding of social skills and religious values, makes an outstanding child-oriented daily learning experience.  Class pets, music, and extra curricular activities all add an exciting dimension.  Care reports are sent home daily.

Discipline Policy

Our philosophy regarding discipline techniques is to help the children learn to control their actions and be responsible for those actions.  Each child is told they have a choice in how they behave and warnings are given along with the consequence if the behavior continues.  The children are given a verbal warning and told that they have a choice, they can choose to follow the rules or a particular consequence will take place.  The teacher will ask the child to “think about” how they can do something differently before going back into the activities.  Positive reinforcement and redirection of a child’s interest is more effective than a negative approach or “battle of wills.”  Different classroom management techniques are used in each classroom to help children know when to “slow down” and re-think their behavior before they can continue with their learning.  If a behavior problem persists, a conference may be necessary to help provide consistency between home and school.  A conference may be scheduled for any reason by contacting the CDC Office or your child’s teacher.

Potty Training

Enrollment is not contingent on a child being potty trained.  As a child begins to show an interest in potty training, the teachers will begin working with that child and their parents to accomplish the task.  Our Center does not have a specific age that we require a child to be potty trained.  Children are not scolded if an accident occurs.  The teacher will help them change their clothes and make sure to remind them to take time out to go to the bathroom.  Regular bathroom breaks are scheduled in the younger classrooms and in the older classrooms, the children are encouraged to listen to their bodies and go as needed but scheduled bathroom breaks do take place before transitioning to the playground or before naptime.