Ages are approximate for each classroom based on enrollment. There is a balance between chronological age and developmental skills due to the Teacher/Child Ratio requirements. Movement is based on both chronological age and development.  The age range of each classroom may vary from year to year.

All tuition fees are for Full Time care, Monday through Friday. We do not have part-time or drop-in options for year round care.

A morning and afternoon snack and hot lunch are included in the tuition fees once your child is eating solid food.

At least half of the tuition must be paid by the 1st of each month and the second half by the 15th of each month. Tuition can be paid by check or ACH Draft.

Angels & Cherubs - $955

6 wks. - 12 mos.

Caterpillars - $955

12 mos. - 20 mos.

Butterflies - $910

20 mos. - 30 mos.

Adventurers- $910

24 mos. - 2.5 yrs.


Foundations - $835

2.5 yrs. - 3 yrs.

Discoverers - $775

3.5 yrs. - 4.5 yrs.

Explorers - $775

3.5 yrs. - 4.5 yrs.

Pre-K - $730

4.5 yrs. - 5 yrs.

Summer Kidz Klub

Kindergarten age thru 5th grade

$35 per day

                                                               Based on the number of days enrolled

Summer Kidz Klub Drop-In Rate~ $45 per day